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Nilam Holmes


“With over 30 years in the aesthetics & beauty industry, I have worked on creating brow looks and trends for an ever-growing base of A-list celebrity clients.

I’ve seen how eyebrows are the frame of the face; they have the power to transform your appearance, face shape and self-belief. This is why I wanted anyone to be able to achieve professional-looking brows from home.


Each of my innovative and easy-to-use EyebrowQueen products have been designed to give you back not only your brows, but your time and confidence too.”


Creator and world-renowned beauty expert Nilam Holmes (otherwise known as ‘Eyebrowqueen’) was the leading force behind the brow revolution that started in the UK in 2008.

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Create natural or defined brows with the silky soft powders and a versatile primer to give you beautiful long lasting brows. The primer can be mixed with the powder to create a pomade for a more intense look. 



Just one drop of the Brow Fix holds both brow hairs and any brow make up in place all day long. Dab a tiny amount of the waterproof formula over your make up to make it smudge-proof and brush it through the hairs to fix them into place without feeling crispy.

Your brows will stay put until you are ready to remove the product with your favourite make up remover. Our Brow Fix is a must for every make up kit and the brow obsessed.



The Brow Pro Pencil has been specifically designed to be the most versatile of pencils. It’s innovative tiny triangular, self-sharpening tip allows you to draw the most precise hair strokes as well as define and shade your brows to create most natural to the boldest of looks.

This dual-ended Brow Pro Pencil has a long-lasting waterproof formula and comes in seven stunning shades with a generous sized brush at the other end of the pencil to groom your brows into place.



The Brow Serum is packed with scientifically proven ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier stronger hair growth. (See details tab below) This serum will enhance the thickness of the brow hair and help stimulate growth in areas that are sparse.

The serum comes in a 5ml hygienic dropper bottle with an applicator brush and is suitable to use on both brows and lashes.

Perfect for conditioning hairs after chemical treatments such as brow lamination and lash lifting and also to strengthen lashes weakened by extensions.

5ml £30

20ml £75


The simple to use Brow Colour Boost is the perfect all round product for fuller bolder looking eyebrows. The buildable tinted formula is enriched with micro fibres, providing instant colour and thickness to each hair whilst providing a firm hold.

Perfect for fine, light, uneven coloured and grey hairs.

A breakthrough in technology allows for a flexible but firm hold to sculpt and enhance your natural brows.



Accentuate your perfect brows by using the pointed tip, draw a fine line under the whole length of the brow or just under the arch.

The creamy, blendable formula glides effortlessly and precisely over the targeted area and instantly highlights and enhances whilst creating the appearance of a more lifted brow.

Our highlighter glides over the skin to sharpen the look of edges and clean up any brow product smudges for a clean flawless brow look.

Blend using a flat square or angled highlighter brush. Can also be used in the waterline for an open eye look and to highlight the inner corner of the eye.

Brow Soap Fix Shortlisted_1_900x (1).webp

Introducing our NEW BROW SOAP FIX product.... This one step, fuss free soap brow formula firmly holds brows in place all day whilst keeping them soft and flexible

Brush our Brow soap fix through brows using the long bristles into the desired position.

For a more laminated look use the short bristles to press the hairs against the skin.


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How To Style Your Brows

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Brow Colour Boost


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