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Updated: Mar 21

I think I'd prepared pretty well for being isolated. I had paracetamol and food in. Ideas to keep us entertained, but I hadn't got my head round what it would be like to be in self isolation and poorly with Covid-19 symptoms. It was a leap my brain didn't make!

Despite being worried about the implications of getting the Coronavirus. I hadn't prepared for what it would be like living with the Covid-19 symptoms in isolation. It's surreal.

Particularly when I can't confirm if it definitely is Covid-19. It's frightening. You have to get on with it.

There's no going to the doctors! The doctors are wearing protective clothing to protect themselves from people with my symptoms!!! Now that feels weird!

Rewind to last week. Like everyone, I've been worried about getting Covid-19. Debating if I should still go to a friends party last week and getting together with friends. Debating if I should still be going to work. I didn't want to let people down or to be OTT.

If I knew I would feel like this only a few days later, I would have changed my behaviour sooner and practised social distancing to a greater degree because this is not a pleasant experience!

I'm not as ill as some, but I'm certainly not well and I am acutely aware of the risk of social interaction and what it feels like to be a step closer to an unpleasant outcome caused by Covid-19. I don't even know if I have Covid-19 because I can't be tested!

My question is, are you ready for this reality?

  • We are all aware of what we need to do to avoid getting Covid-19.

  • We know that if we get really ill we may be hospitalised.

  • We know that there's no cure.

  • We know that medical staff are wearing protective clothing and worried that they don't have enough protection.

Ultimately, no one wants to die, but that concept is still quite separate from the reality we can comprehend. It still feels like it's something that's happening to other people.

I am really conscious of this. So to do my bit, I want to encourage you to consider if you are prepared for having to go into isolation because of having the Covid-19 symptoms?

What do you need to prepare for in the event of you becoming ill with Covid-19 symptoms? Loo roll alone, will not support this situation! Paracetamol however will help!

This reflection is important preparation for what could happen to you tomorrow.

If you are told you have to go home and stay there for 14 days, can you look after yourself? What do you need to reduce the potential of hospital admission?

So yes, of course prepare for working from home, wash your hands regularly, prepare to home educate, but essentially, prepare for what happens if you have to totally lock down & isolate because you are poorly!

This is as much about getting your head round this as it is about having paracetamol in and having a plan in place!

  • Who can check on you regularly?

  • Who can prepare & leave easy to eat food for you outside your door?

  • What will help you to care for your children if you are ill?

  • Who will not panic if you phone them when you are worried about your symptoms?

  • What will you do if your support network have to isolate?

If you are still pushing the boundaries of social distancing and you think that any of the above could present a problem for you. Change your behaviour now!

Check your symptoms here on the NHS online symptom checker:



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